Customer Comments

An appraisal form is available to all SHUKR customers after their purchase, giving them the opportunity to assess and rank the service they received. Below are some recent comments we've received from SHUKR customers. We have not edited or omitted any negative views. SHUKR appreciates all constructive feedback so that we may improve the products and services offered. Please submit a ticket using the "Other Questions" option if you have any comments or suggestions.


"I love SHUKR. After 6-7 years of serviceable wear, I finally had to buy clothes from them again. This length of wear and the quality put the price point at more affordable than many of the big-box discount stores even though I paid more up front."

"I am a Christian and I am proud to wear SHUKR. Beautiful and modest! Very quick and friendly service as well." Angela H."I love, love, love SHUKR's skirts. They are certainly more expensive than other options on the market, but they last much longer and are of great quality." Anonymous

"Amazing appeal of clothes. Always leaves me anxious to acquire a whole wardrobe of SHUKR's products. I've shopped with them before and I'm a very satisfied customer hence I'm always back for more. Quality of clothes is excellent and it's always satisfying to know money spent here is well spent as SHUKR believes in Fair Trade." Anonymous

"I am thankful that such a selection exists for nursing mothers and Muslim women seeking to cover properly without comprising personal taste and style." Umm Ameena

"All the clothes were of exquisite quality and delivery was super fast. All I can say is wow! SHUKR is surely going to be one of my shopping companions for life inshaAllah." A. Mohammed

"Great high quality clothing at fair prices. Ethical manufacturing standards are a priority for this company and their customers. Highly recommend them." Kelly

"I bought a jilbab 3 years ago and it's still one of my favorite jilbabs. Can't wait to see how the ones I just ordered turn out." S. Syed

"Great clothes, comfortable, fashionable and excellent quality." Umm Hafsah

"I was very reluctant to order from a business I knew nothing about. I am so excited and happy. I do bodyguard work for a couple of Royal Families from Dubai and Saudi Arabia. I met some nice women (servants) and they wore the pants I ordered. They told me how to get them from overseas. I have been trying to find the La Playas for almost a year. Now that I can trust your site to order on line I will order 4 more items including the black and mauve La Playa Smocked pants." Anonymous

"Excellent quality clothes, clear website/details of products. Always very good customer service. Some sizes do sell out fast and are sometimes not replaced. Hoping for more Hijab choice this year (hint)." Anonymous

"Thank you SHUKR for supplying quality modest clothing at a fair price. You have found the perfect balance of classic and modest yet modern clothing!" S. Guevara

"I have purchased items from SHUKR over a number of years - never to be disappointed in any way with the products. Excellent service and quality of merchandise." Anonymous

"My husband and I have been loyal customers of SHUKR since they first came out. The quality and selection of modest yet modern clothing is still top of the line in the industry. Their business has only improved in all aspects and mashAllah, we ask Allah (swt) to continue to bless your success in this life and the hereafter for benefitting Muslims worldwide to hold onto their Islamic/modest clothing with a sense of current up-to-date style, especially for those in the West who always find difficulty finding clothes that cover "awrah" for men and women. BarakAllahu feekum. May you all be rewarded for that. Aameen." Umm Na'eema

"Always top quality and design. Must move quickly on some popular items because they sell out. I have never received any item that was not as advertised or better. I recommend highly." Anonymous

"The prices are higher than other places, however the quality and the ethical production makes the extra money worth it!" Anonymous

"I am happy that I can filter the clothes by material. I wanted linen and bamboo and was able to quickly find those." B. Sellers

"I am soooooo excited to finally be making a SHUKR purchase. I have heard nothing but good about their products and services. I am so excited to finally get the chance to support them." R. Thompson

"I've ordered various items of clothing from SHUKR in the past and have always been happy with the product. The first time I ordered I did not take into account the loose fitting of this Islamic attire but was efficiently given a refund and exchange for the correct size instead. SHUKR's prices are similar to high street shops (Next, ASOS, Oasis, Warehouse, River Island) but have the added benefit of catering to Islamic requirements." Anonymous

"I love your clothing! I love how well you blend modesty with style. I love that so many items have pockets and hoods and zippers...please more colors such as Arabian Spice in something other than the dress shirt (I don't wear those). I love autumnal colors and cargo pockets." Cat C

"I am very pleased with the first purchase I made from SHUKR a few weeks ago and that led to the second purchase today. The quality of the garments is excellent and the speed of delivery is impressive." Laura P

"This is currently the only online retailer from which I purchase clothing to meet my requirements as a hijabi and Muslimah. The quality is very high and I've stopped purchasing garments from other manufacturers. It would improve the experience even more if SHUKR could provide a larger selection of colours (e.g. mustard yellow, rust oranges and deep reds) especially for cottons, bamboo and tencel dresses. I would also prefer a larger selection of cottons - Shukr cottons are amazing and get softer the more I wash them - because I live in tropical Southeast Asia." C. Jubilee

"Got my first SHUKR dress in 2009, wore it few times, then wore it to my civil marriage in 2012, and to my brother's engagement in 2014. That's how good the material and whole products keeps really well..i would say it's an investment...from that time till now, i have some more dresses from Shukr..and love them." Haadye

"I am so grateful I found SHUKR! Alhamdulilah! Their clothes are of a very high quality and well worth the cost! No polyester or other cheap and static prone fabrics here! I also commend SHUKR on being fair trade! This is something I worry about every time I buy new clothing! It is so great to know that not only are the clothes high quality, beautiful, and comfy, but also produced in an ethical manner." T. Koch

"I really love the professionalizim and the quality if your website, clothing, and dealing with you is fantastic! You set the bar REALLY high incomparison with global websites." Baki

"This is my first time buying from SHUKR. The site is amazing and I've heard great things about their products from other people. I like the easy return policy." E. Khalifa

"Truly beautiful Islamic clothing. I feel and look fashionable despite wearing hijab... Which some have said would greatly hinder my sense of fashion." Hazeline

"I'm very pleased I have found this website. I always see plenty of ladies Islamic dress/clothing but it's always in fabrics I find uncomfortable or unflattering. SHUKR seems to have gone for the right fabrics; the ones which are comfortable and also look very beautiful and unique wearing them. As a busy mum i like to wear practical over garments. I'm so happy they have added pockets to some of the sports zip up tunics and other outer garments. Made my life easier Alhamdulillah" Nahid

"Everything at SHUKR from fabrics to designs to color choices to customer service is par excellence mashaAllah. Always a pleasure to buy from you alhamdulillah. May Allah continue to bless your business Aameen !" Sadaf

"I like their ethical approach to business and they offer a range of clothing which suits my wishes. I am not a Muslim, but I am a Christian and I appreciate good quality, modest clothing." H. Slade

"I'm not religious, but I do appreciate the confidence that comes with dressing modestly. I don't have to worry about accidentally revealing anything or catching my adolescent students staring where they shouldn't be, as I have with typical "conservative" clothing. I love the colors of the garments I purchased, and they look like they are of high quality. Can't wait for them to arrive, just in time for fall!" C. Caldwell

"SHUKR is the BEST source for Islamic & modest clothing. Their items are more expensive, but they last and wear well. Worth every penny." Anonymous

"I have been a SHUKR customer for at least 5 years. The style and workmanship of their clothing is second to none. Their customer service is excellent, they have a chat function for immediate help and also respond quickly to email inquiries. New customers might notice that the prices are a little higher than other sites, but SHUKR items are worth every penny. Several "knockoff" sites have cropped up, trying to profit off of SHUKR's reputation -- customers should not be tempted by the imitators, stick to the real deal." Anonymous

"I like your fun styles!" Anonymous

"It's difficult to find high-quality Abayas and modest clothing when shopping online. I respect SHUKR for producing great designs that are also made with great quality and sweatshop-free, too! It's impossible to find anything like this in our stores. I'm so glad to have this option." Sara

"I'm a Baptist Christian who just happens to enjoy dressing modernly modest. Sadly a lot of modest "Christian" wear looks like they stepped out of Little House on the Prairie....which might be fine of I were Amish (nothing against the Amish, I admire them, but it's not for me.) I am always struck by how beautifully and fashionably modestly dressed most Muslim women are, so when I saw an FB friend shopped here for her medieval re-enactment head wear here I checked out the line. I was astonished by the variety! The clothes are a bit more than I usually spend. but reading they are both high-quality and no sweatshops involved makes it easier to spend here. The two items I bought today were both on sale as well and as they totaled over $150, the shipping was free. Can't shake a stick at that as my Irish gran used to say! I bought two full-length sporty items which will be perfect for cool days here in the beach cities. Thank you, SHUKR!!!" Anonymous

"Fabulous sale on maybe their best collection yet! SHUKR offers the best selection, quality, and value in Islamic clothing. Huge variety of styles, fabrics, and colors to accommodate every sensibility- conservative, artistic, modern, urban, sporty. All elegant. Lots of choices with pockets and nursing access. I sew, and I can't make clothes this nice for the price. SHUKR's fabrics, tailoring, and seam finishes are far superior to any other brand I've found. The clothes wash and wear beautifully. I have garments that are at least 7 years old and still look new, despite frequent use. SHUKR's service and shipping speed can't be beat. Shipping is usually free for my orders, and FAST. Returns and refunds are fast and hassle-free. I only wish SHUKR offered more hijabs, long khimars, and kids' clothes. SHUKR provides an essential service to our community, and they do it beautifully and faithfully. May Allah SWT reward them for it." Umm Bilal

"Amazing style, perfect couture and timeless classics!" Anonymous

"SHUKR's prompt and courteous response is just one of the many reasons why saving up in order to buy its products is definitely worth the wait! When I shop with SHUKR, I have confidence knowing that not only are the fabrics of the highest quality, Alhamdulilah, but they are also sweatshop free! Thank you for providing service with taqwa. May Allah increase you. Ameen" Mariam

"I searched long and hard to find modest maternity clothes online ( and in stores ), and I couldn't find anything, until I Googled 'Muslim maternity wear'. I was soo pleased to find SHUKR ( and other websites like theirs ). I ultimately chose to shop with SHUKR, because I felt that the quality that they offered was higher than other websites. I like that they provide very detailed measurements for the garments (in inches & metrics).....which allowed me to really think about what would fit me when I'm 'fully pregnant' at 8-9 months. I like that I could filter my search by type of fabric ( I really love bamboo - and was happy to be able to search specifically for this), as well as by 'maternity' and 'nursing' to look at clothes that would fit those specific criteria. I like the variety of styles and colors that they offer, and I felt that the sale prices were really good. I look forward to receiving the dresses, and putting them to good use." Anonymous

"I love your products and have shopped with SHUKR since you first opened. I should get perks just for all the referrals I've made! Still love SHUKR above all other Islamic clothing companies!" Kouthar

"Great products! Great customer service! My husband is extremely particular about the fit and cut of his clothing. He's always very pleased with SHUKR! " Tiffany

"Very good service MashAllah and very good quality clothing as I still have my very first jilbab that I purchased in 2009!" Anonymous

"I only wear SHUKR clothing. Thank you so much for producing high quality products." Gzkam

"Very easy website to navigate. Products are clearly and attractively displayed. There are no other Islamic clothing stores that have an online presence as professional as SHUKR in my opinion." R. Hamada

"SHUKR always offers the best value in Islamic clothing. Highest quality fabrics and construction, fresh and modest styles, perfect fit, and fast and error-free service." Umm Bilal

"This is my first experience ordering apparel online. I am highly satisfied with the well managed and user friendly website." Neezat

"I love the quality, style, and thought for ethics in SHUKR clothing. Added to that is the prompt and friendly service. I am impressed all-around. Thank you. - A non-muslim friend." S. Malbright

"Only Islamic wear shop that I am completely impressed with. Excellent in all areas. No need to search elsewhere...'One stop shop' May Allah (swt) bless your business. Jazak Allahu Khairan." Farziana

"Regular new products made to high quality specifications, so your website is always worth visiting. A good source of elegant and modest Islamic clothing that works as well in the masjid as in the office and in everyday life." C. Napier

"SHUKR always offers the best value in Islamic clothing. Highest quality fabrics and construction, fresh and modest styles, perfect fit, and fast and error-free service." Umm Bilal

"It was my first time purchasing clothes online and it was easy breezy. Any information that I could possibly need was available throughout the whole process, from fabric guide to garment specifications to body measurements. Absolutely exceeded my expectations." Anonymous

"Love your products. I have many SHUKR items and they are timeless and beautifully crafted." Asma

"Have always loved SHUKR, it's more expensive than most Islamic clothing vendors but the quality is truly unmatched. I own at least 10-12 tops and love them all." Anonymous

"I've been a SHUKR fan and customer for several years, and looking forward to seeing my new order. I don't shop with any other clothing company online :). And am very pleased to see that this is now a very satisfactory online experience. Keep up the good work!" S. Macfarlane

"I am always impressed by the quality of SHUKR clothes. Even though they are not cheap, they are elegant, modest and long-lasting. However, it's important to move quickly as popular colors don't stay on the website long." Anonymous

"I am so much in love with SHUKR clothing! Once I found your website, I could never leave it. Each time shopping with you was like a blessing and so much joy. SHUKR products are the first ones to come on my mind whenever I think of clothing. Feminine, comfy, inspirational, B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, simply the Best! And yes, customer service is supreme :)" Anonymous

"A very well designed site; particularly appreciate that each item includes the sizing and garment measurements as well as care instructions; so not only do you have a good idea of the item's fit but also the care required. The clothes are beautifully made using quality craftsmanship and materials." Anonymous

"I love this company. I love that they pray together and pay a fair wage so that workers can support their families. I love the style and modest fashion that's also superior quality. Excellent customer service." Anonymous

"I am very happy with the quality service and quality selection of products offered by SHUKR. As someone who prefers to dress simply and modestly, I plan on replacing more of my existing wardrobe with SHUKR clothing. I always get compliments on the items I have purchased, and I'm quick to recommend SHUKR." Reyhan

"Excellent quality clothes, great old-fashioned customer service and very glad to note that you are involved in fair trade and raising ethics in the clothing industry." Anonymous

"I have been extremely happy with SHUKR's clothing and service. I am not Muslim, but I appreciate modest, high-quality clothing. I am very grateful to have found them." Anonymous

"I love shukronline. I have been shopping from SHUKR for more than 9 years. Highly recommend it." Anonymous

"I buy from SHUKR for the baraka of an ethically manufactured product." Basil A.

"The quality is amazing, the style is the combination of modesty and comfort!" Bano

"They did an excellent job of describing the material and style..." Anonymous

"I love the quality of the clothes. I have been buying from SHUKR for years and I am still using every item of clothing as everything remains in great condition. The clothes last!" Anonymous

"One of best online shops I've ever shopped. I would recommend to anyone who is interested in quality and comfort clothing for women and men." Anonymous

"Amazing quality and design; by far the best Islamic clothing apparel available." Anonymous

"High quality modest clothing at its best!" Freespirit

"Let me say your clothing is gorgeous yet still modest, unlike some of the products from newer companies that try to be modern and "beautiful" but just end up being garish." M. Grant

"SHUKR products are excellent. Unlike with other companies, SHUKR clothing is made perfectly fit as the size chart indicated and I never need to do any alterations with it. I love to wear them; it is so comfortable and the material this company uses is easy to care for. This made it convenient to fit in my busy life. I receive a lot of compliments when I wear them, even from the non-Muslims. SHUKR has its own unique fashion that is fit well for the modern Muslims." A. Ismail

"SHUKR sells quality, lovely garments. I have yet to wear a SHUKR outfit and not get many compliments. The company gets 5 stars on product and customer service." D.H.

"The return process was clear and easy, my queries were answered promptly and correctly, I would shop at SHUKR again." J. Blakie

"The Service is outstanding, staff English language fluency is a refreshing change, and the selection of clothing very much exceeds my expectations. Also, the website is easy to navigate, especially the sizing chart, as this was my first purchase from SHUKR. The website is regularly updated with new stock, which is rare. I was delighted to find your website. It is the best I have come across." S. Ryan

"This is one of the great religious outfit makers of our time. I strongly support their business model as it revives our religious identity within the western world." R. Azim

"JazakAllahu khayr for promoting Islamic business practices, and providing wholesome clothing AGAINST the grain of immoral and immodest clothing characteristic of our times." SufiNich

"I was very excited to see the fall line! I especially love the many on-trend long tops/tunics. I was so excited that I showed my mum the collection and she also ordered a few tops (and that's saying something since mum has very discriminating taste)! My favorite pieces are the Military-Inspired Tunic (love the pockets and horizontal pintucks) and the Nargis Top....can't wait to receive my order!" Aliya R.

"The best Islamic clothing available at this age and time." Feriha

"SHUKR sells the most modest, practical, functional, respectable looking clothes, compared to all other Islamic clothing merchants that I have found." Rayanah

"I love SHUKR products and continue to purchase high-quality merchandise. SHUKR creates such a vast variety of Islamic clothes that has captured my interest over the years. I can't imagine not shopping for high-quality merchandise. When, or if ever there's a problem, a positive, professional resolution is solved. Never any problems. SHUKR, may Allah almighty continue to bless you." Anonymous

"You get what you pay for. Amazing quality!" Isaaq

"I am just writing this email to let you know that I received my package this morning. I am exceptionally amazed at the quality of the shirt and dress. To be honest, I was a little hesitant ordering as I thought SHUKR was a bit expensive, but Alhamdulillah, the garments are well worth the money. I would like to thank you for the excellent customer service you provided me with all my questions and concerns…Definitely; I will recommend SHUKR to all my friends and colleagues." Sara

"SHUKR is simply the best choice for modest Islamic clothing that is suitable to wear in the west. The clothes are elegant and the quality of the material is excellent." Saeeda Sufi

"Love your products! Took me a while to purchase anything because of the prices, but now that I have some and see the quality, I feel like the prices are actually reasonable for what you get." Karimah

"I am not a Muslim and I discovered SHUKR quite by accident. I love the style and the quality. It's extremely comfortable and all my friends complement me on the style." Criostoir

"I love SHUKR's clothing and will continue being a loyal customer." Anonymous

"SHUKR products are excellent. Unlike with other companies, SHUKR clothing is made perfectly fit as the size chart indicated and I never need to do any alterations with it. I love to wear them; it is so comfortable and the material this company uses is easy to care for. This made it convenient to fit in my busy life. I receive a lot of compliments when I wear them, even from the non-Muslims. SHUKR has its own unique fashion that is fit well for the modern Muslims." A. Ismail

"I love, love, love this company. They have returned to me a joy in shopping for clothes again. I feel beautiful, I'm dressed modestly, and I am comfortable. May Allah (swt) bless the brothers and sisters who provide such wonderful garments and accessories." C. Johnson

"I purchased a denim skirt from SHUKR and I have to say it was a very pleasant experience. My order came very quickly, the skirt is exactly what I was looking for (the size was perfect thanks to an accurate sizing chart on their website) and I will definitely purchase from them again." L. Lasfar

"SHUKR sells Islamic clothing that has enough western styles that one may wear it to work in the US and appear both modest and professional. I have ordered clothing from SHUKR several times and have always been satisfied with the quality and service." L.C. Moore

"Very satisfied, shipping in a very timely manner." C.B. Elamin

"The quality and modest style of the clothing line is excellent." A. ALI

"High quality clothing...sincere customer service. If you see something you like, get it now because it will sell out. Get the three items for the price of two because if you get one you'll realize the quality and want to get a few more." A. Bayi

"I really get tremendous service from SHUKR. Occasionally, they have items that go out of stock, but I stay with it and end up getting most of the clothes I am looking for. I have almost their whole wardrobe, and inshaAllah, I am ready for round three! Thanks SHUKR"
H. Krueger

"Mashallah, excellent quality clothing! I really like the materials used, stitching is also very good, and - most importantly - great customer service!!!" A. Ali

"MashaAllah, I am very happy with my purchases from SHUKR. It certainly makes a change to buy clothing that is designed for modesty. I think the website is excellent, I visit it on a regular basis and it is always up-to-date. I like the fact that the customer representatives are always very quick to respond to queries. The fact that SHUKR employs devout Muslims living in Muslim countries ensures that there is 100% benefit to me InshaAllah and also to my brothers and sisters employed by SHUKR. I am delighted to see SHUKR progress to the point where they have offices all over the world and I wish them continued success, InshAllah." L. Haddoum

"Thank God for SHUKR. Usually when I buy western style shirts, I get them a size or two larger so that the length is more suited towards an Islamic clothing. But that usually means the neck size is way too big and looks rather silly. But with SHUKR, Alhamdulilah, I feel very stylish and smart in my new shirts. The neck size, arm and shirt lengths are in perfect harmony. I would strongly recommend SHUKR to anyone looking to add a flattering design to their wardrobe or to give as gifts to family and friends. Love SHUKR with shukr" H. Abugideiri

"Assalaam alaykum, I really appreciate the fine quality of the clothes and hijabs I purchased from SHUKR. The selection is great. The service is absolutely wonderful. I had a very hard time finding modest clothes until I came across SHUKR. Everything is beautiful and well made. Now, whenever I need to purchase clothing, SHUKR is the first place I look."
N.S. Cox

"A nice and professional store. The delivery is fast and cheap. The customer service is kind and helpful. The exchange of items that did not fit was no problem and prompt." S. Hansmann

"I have purchased items twice from SHUKR and have been very satisfied with the products. The quality is excellent and the styles are very modern and stylish. The comfort is great. Overall, SHUKR has provided excellent services. My non-Muslim friends like them and are also planning to purchase from SHUKR. Thanks." M.A Bordes

"Excellent products and customer service." R. Potts

"I have been enthusiastically recommending SHUKR to friends and co-workers. Every purchase has been an extremely pleasant experience, from the ease of ordering through delivery to use. SHUKR's merchandise is first-rate at a reasonable price. I plan to make many more purchases from SHUKR and in fact I have already made several. One thing really impressed me; when SHUKR had a small problem with its inventory, listing an item as available when it was not, SHUKR called me, explained the problem, and gave me several options for a replacement item. Doing it this way, rather than through e-mail, was not necessary but it was appreciated, especially because of the representative's courtesy and professionalism. I wish only that shopping online was always as rewarding as it is with SHUKR." D. Puckett

"Very outstanding service and fast, as was stated. The cost of items may be high to some but when I received the items and was able to actually touch and see the material, all of my questions were answered. SHUKR has very good merchandise and it is obvious that they use the very best of material with superb craftsmanship. I will do business with them again very soon." J. Abdul'laah

"Excellent service!" A. Helem

"SHUKR was the only company I found that had the products I wanted. I found that my items were easy to order, quickly shipped and at a reasonable price. I am very happy with the products. Thank you SHUKR. Assalam'alaikum." C. Groce

"Excellent quality, quick arrival and great customer service." S. Azad

"The customer service and follow-up was wonderful and easy. The product was of high quality and arrived much faster then I had expected. SHUKR is very pleasant to deal with. I will be back for more. Salaams." A. Stader

"I was very pleased with the service from SHUKR. Not only did I receive the item in a timely fashion, but they also e-mailed me to check and see if everything was all right. This is the best online shopping experience I have ever had." E. Yamasaki

"Buying from SHUKR was a rewarding and wonderful experience. I was satisfied with all of the products, and I will definitely buy from SHUKR again. The only thing that I wish to see is a SHUKR products distributor in every major city in America." W. Rehman

"The clothes fit beautifully, are well made and sturdy and are so incredibly lovely. I plan to order many more from SHUKR as soon as my finances permit. May Allah bless them for offering such Islamic garments to western women. We, western ladies must have clothes that are more for business use, colors not so bright, less embroidery, etc. SHUKR offers this style. They made it possible to dress as Allah commands but without looking exceptionally Arab. I am very, very pleased with SHUKR. I highly recommend them." R. Smith

"I have made several purchases from SHUKR during the past year. I have always been impressed by the customer service, quality of the clothing and integrity of the company."
M. Glover

"I found the item purchased from SHUKR to be in excellent condition and of quality material. I am pleased with the price of the garment and the ease of ordering as well as the helpful and greatly appreciated customer service. I will certainly be purchasing more of SHUKR's products as well as telling family and friends about SHUKR." T. Steele

"Assalamu Alaikum, Once again, I was very pleased with the items I ordered. SHUKR has excellent customer service skills. The quality of the items are excellent. I am blessed to be able to find the type of clothing I like, and I am pleased with the pricing. Thank you. wa salaam."
H. Fein

"The best place to by Islamic clothing online or offline. Period." K.K. Attia

"The service provided by SHUKR is first class. The goods arrived well before predicted and the goods were of high quality. The customer support provided by SHUKR during the ordering stage was the best I have received compared to other online stores." S.M. Patel

"I received my first shipment of clothing from SHUKR last week and I am so impressed! The quality of the fabrics and the attention to detail. Excellent clothes... excellent workmanship, style, fit, and price. Incredible customer service and fast turnaround. I've never had such a good experience buying clothing online and I've been shopping online since 1996!" K.K. Attia

"The smoothest online experience I ever had!!" G. Razik

"A wonderful company, a wonderful transaction. I will definitely be doing business with you again." S. Chan

"The garments I bought from SHUKR were of very high quality, and shipping arrangements were made at no extra cost to fit my scheduling needs. Additionally, customer service at SHUKR is quite good. Thanks!" D. Frayer

"Beautiful quality and attention to detail" D.O' Brien

"Salam alakium, I am really glad that SHUKR opened. It is getting to be harder and harder to find clothes at stores. You guys make, nice modern looking Islamic clothing. Thank you! I was really excited when my husband told me about your web site. Keep up the good work!!!! Salam alaikium" E. Nahidian

"I really love shopping with SHUKR. I have already made two purchases and alhamdulillah I have been completely satisfied about each and every dollar I paid. I really appreciate the design of the website and the design of the clothes available through SHUKR. I hope there will be more and more new collections available in the future inshallah. I wish you all a great future. JazakAllah al kheir." J. Jamaludheen

"I have purchased clothing online from SHUKR twice. The service is exceptional, my items were delivered quickly, and the quality of the clothing is great. SHUKR has done a great job with the website as well; it is easy to navigate, with many pictures and descriptions of the clothing, and the ordering process is simple and effective. MashaAllaah. May Allah grant SHUKR success and allow it to continue to provide the community with such beautiful clothing." I. Kerim

"Always spectacular service along with an equally impressive product. Keep up the excellent work!" Z. Martin

"Very good service, prices and quality. I was very pleased with the rapid response. The sewing is excellent. The cloth is just as I expected - very good." R.J. Vance

"Every time I order from SHUKR, I am impressed by both the merchandise and the consistently excellent customer service." V. Jackson

"Assalamu 'alaikum. I am so pleased with the clothing. I couldn't believe how little money we paid for such high quality clothing. I wore the first outfit today and was very happy with the fit and color of the material. I received many nice comments from my friends too. I will order from you again and will recommend your site to everyone: Muslim or non-Muslim. I like each and every piece in the women's collection. Your web site is so easy to use and the design is impressive as well. If you were a restaurant ...surely your rating would be 5 star. Thank you." R. Mahaseen

" I found SHUKR while searching for modest women's clothing and was more than pleasantly surprised. As a non-muslim, their choices are good; their products are top quality and beautifully crafted; and the prices are excellent. Also, their customer service is professional and very helpful." E. Scheeler

"I really enjoyed the clothes that I purchased. The material is very nice. It was worth the money." L. Morales

"SHUKR clothing is Islamic rather than Arab and is made from beautiful material. The shipping is quick and inexpensive. When I emailed the company about a possible problem they responded quickly. I love this store." C. Maher

"Excellent service, accurate photos, and extremely speedy postal service. Overall excellent and the quality is second to none." L. Heaney

"SHUKR is amazing! They provided all the easy shopping options and I was done quickly without any headache!!! Highly recommended." A. Badawi

"The SHUKR staff are professional in their business, service-oriented, and they produce and sell a good product that is well-made. I couldn't be happier. They are very kind, as well. In me, they have a friend for life." D. Schauer

"Excellent service and high quality clothing! I haven't found any other shop for Islamic clothes on the web that comes close to SHUKR. They are the best." H.O' Connor

"SHUKR products are unique and appreciated. Items were delivered promptly and instructions for return were very clear. I was satisfied with the whole experience and intend to shop at SHUKR again." H. Njie

"A way to shop for Islamic-oriented clothing with the ease of online purchasing has finally arrived! SHUKR clothing is based on western designs, but yet is modest in appearance. The customer service is prompt and efficient!" S. Anees

"SHUKR clothes are very beautiful and their customer service is excellent MashaAllah."
D. Moore

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"I have to tell you, I never ordered apparel online before, and I was a bit skeptical but the level of satisfaction and appreciation I've felt since viewing your website and receiving my shipment, has been well beyond what I expected; I .e. personal calls from SHUKR representatives, on time delivery of my order, and just overwhelming satisfaction in the product I ordered. I would also like to share with you how my family and friends reacted to my SHUKR galabiyya. They could not believe I ordered my galabiyya online, since it fit so perfectly. And they also couldn't believe the low price I paid for it. It's good to know that there is somewhere to turn to, for young Muslims in America, for Islamic-style apparel. Your apparel would appeal to many of us because it has that look of style, dignity, elegance, and most importantly, tradition. Your products have that perfect blend of East and West. Inshallah, I will order from you again in the near future. I would love to receive more product information from you by mail or email. May Allah give you all success, prosperity, and happiness at SHUKR Online."
K. Mubashiruddin

"Thank you for your professionalism. I wish more people were as professional. InshaAllah your business will do well and you will prosper." D.O' Keefe

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"I would like to commend your customer service. You responded quickly when I had questions and gave personal care to an individual customer. Keep up the good work an I can't wait for your new arrivals. Salaam Alaykum" A. Youssef

"Very good service and SHUKR also provided me free postage due to the size of the order. I received the product very quickly." S. Mohammed


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